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Univox SLS system is a fully balanced 2-layer loop system resulting in incredible smooth field strength even at high frequencies that are vital for speech intelligibility.

Univox SLS – Super Loop System is specifically designed for professional applications. Univox grants for high quality wireless sound transmission to hearing instrument users in both public and private environment, worldwide.

SLS has almost cancelled overspill in all directions, consistent field distribution on all frequencies, transmission in vertical and horizontal directions. By controlling the 3D level makes it possible to comply with the IEC standard for standing and sitting positions or to cover a mobile seating section with different heights.

  • Extremely high output current: 2 x 65/78App
  • Short-circuit proof
  • Automatic resettable fuse
  • Three progammable XLR-inputs
  • Dual Action AGC for high speech intelligibility
  • Extremely low overspill
  • Reduced direction sensitivity
  • Reduced feedback risk
  • No middle drop caused by reinforced concrete
  • Low power consumption/high efficiency
  • Suitable for new buildings/rebuilding of theatres, cinemas, conference halls, TV rooms in hospitals/elderly living, etc.
  • Complete set with amplifiers, built-in filter and cables

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