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SE 35" Telescoping Adjustable Rectangular Mirror

SE 35" Telescoping Adjustable Rectangular Mirror

The SE 35" Telescoping Adjustable Rectangular Mirror has multiple uses. It is a simple but extremely useful multi-purpose tool that can be extended to 35". This product features a telescoping head that can be adjusted to any angle. The strong and sturdy cushion grip handle keeps the mirrors stable while adjusting the mirror to different angles. It is great for automotive use, home, hardware, checking under vehicles, inspecting packages, seeing around corners, and much more. This telescoping adjustable rectangular mirror helps you reach places that are hard to see and reach. This mirror has a pivoting neck, black cushion grip handle, and a convenient pocket clip on the body.

  • Telescoping rectangle adjustable mirror has multiple uses and angle adjustments
  • Strong and sturdy handle keeps mirror stable at any angle
  • Black cushion grip handle
  • Mirror dimensions: 2" x 3-1/2"
  • Length: extended 35", collapsed 11-1/2"

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