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Ryobi Phone Works Inspection Scope

Ryobi Phone Works Inspection Scope

Inspect hidden spaces with more confidence and functionality than ever before. With the 1-of-a-kind RYOBI PHONE WORKS mobile app and inspection scope device, your smartphone transforms into a smart, wireless inspection scope. This unique device creates a dedicated wireless network that connects to your smartphone and the free mobile app turns your phone screen into a high quality display of your inspection site. Mount your phone to the device, or use remotely up to 10 ft. away. With a 3 ft. submersible, flexible cable and ultra-bright, adjustable LED light for visibility in all kinds of environments. The mobile app allows you to capture images and videos and add voice notes. Easily share data through email and social networks. These cutting-edge features and functions make the PHONE WORKS inspection scope and mobile app the smart way to get eyes behind walls, inside pipes and other hidden structures. Store the inspection scope or other PHONE WORKS tools in the storage case (sold separately). RYOBI PHONE WORKS - transform your phone into your smartest tool.

  • Provides visibility behind walls, inside pipes and other hidden structures
  • Captures video and images with voice notes for easy filing and sharing
  • Can be used up to 10 ft. away from your smartphone
  • Features 3 ft. submersible, flexible cable and ultra-bright LED work light
  • App available on the App Store and Google Play
  • Can be operated with 1 or 2 hands
  • Launch the PHONE WORKS app on your smartphone before connecting the device to your phone, make sure the phone volume all the way up before starting

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