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Rubbermaid 9T72 Commercial High Capacity Cleaning Cart

Rubbermaid 9T72 Commercial High Capacity Cleaning Cart

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products Janitorial Cleaning Cart - High-Capacity is a customizable solution with room for additional add-ons and accessories to meet your needs.

  • 40% more storage space than traditional carts minimizes trips for additional supplies and maximizes staff productivity.
  • Mop bucket platform with securing grooves keeps WaveBrake® or microfiber charging buckets securely attached to cart.
  • Durable 8" ball bearing wheels and quiet 4" casters makes maneuverability easy and quiet for workers.
  • Water- and chemical-resistant finish provides easy maintenance and long-lasting good looks.
  • Interchangeable handles and removable platform allow user to easily expand or reduce the footprint of the cart to meet specific cleaning and storage needs.

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