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Revolutionary Dragon Stenomask for Voice Recognition

Revolutionary Dragon Stenomask for Voice Recognition

What is so revolutionary in the Dragon Stenomask, it is the sound card is built into the mask and is approved by Nuance to get the highest recognition SIX STAR rating. If you are tired of struggling with your old mask recognition rates, upgrade to the Dragon Stenomask! It will take you to the next level of Dragon Recognition Court Reporting.

Since the Dragon Mask is a completely digital device, it does not use your computers sound card. This helps in processing a digital to digital signal so there is no loss of voice quality to your Dragon software. Typically when you use a stenomask that is an analog (3.5mm-1/8 male plug connector) with a sound card, the computer needs to change the signal from analog to digital and there is signal loss. The Dragon Mask avoids all loss of signal by being completely 100% digital.


  •     Dragon Certified USB Device
  •     Surgical clean soft silicon for non-irritation and hypo allergenic purposes
  •     Light and comfortable, adjusts to any face
  •     Provides a tight seal around the mouth and nose
  •     Easy to clean
  •     Quietest mask available
  •     Martel Electronics has been Manufacturing the Mini Stenomask since 1970

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