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Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm Clock with Personalized Voice Reminders

Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm Clock with Personalized Voice Reminders

Reminder Rosie provides a simple, 100% hands-free solution to help you remember your medication, appointments, bill payment due dates, tasks, etc.—without touching any buttons! Reminder Rosie is easy to use and setup. The clock plugs into the wall outlet for power, but battery backup (3 AAA batteries not included) retains the clock time and alarm settings even during a power outage. The familiar-looking LED clock records personalized voice reminders that announce at ANY Time, in ANY language. Loud alarm and large display.

Reminder Rosie is a low-tech memory aid device that seniors actually use. It is a simple, hands-free, inexpensive solution to remember your medication, appointments, and everyday tasks while also serving as a voice-activated digital alarm clock. Because the Reminder Rosie can be operated almost entirely by voice, this is the perfect assistive living device for the visually impaired.

Personalized voice reminders announced in the comforting voice of a loved one or caregiver provide elders with confidence and independence they deserve while reducing caregiver stress and increasing engagement with care providers. Using cutting-edge technology, the Reminder Rosie Talking Clock is easy to use right out of the box for seniors, older adults, spouses or caregivers. Simply plug in Reminder Rosie, say 'Hello Reminder Rosie' to wake her up and say 'Set Time,' 'Set Date' or 'Help'. Once the time and date are set, wake up Rosie and say 'Record Reminder'. With Reminder Rosie, you can record and set up to 25 personalized living reminders by day, week, date or annually. Once your reminders are set, you can even say 'Today's Reminders' to Rosie and she will let you know exactly what's in store for the day.

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