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Reliance Flush-N-Go 3320 Portable Toilet

Reliance Flush-N-Go 3320 Portable Toilet

Yes, a bear poops in the woods. It's as natural a fact as you needing to do your business on your next remote adventure. Now you can bring the convenience of home plumbing along with this handy Flush-N-Go. It uses the same comfortable seat height offered by your home toilet, plus on-the-go features that deliver sanitary results. The portable "can" combines fresh water and a waste holding tank for easy flushing, plus a high-end injection piston pump for even greater flushing efficiency. Swivel spout on the waste tank makes emptying and cleanup a breeze.

NOTE: Not compatible with Double Doodie Waste Bags.

  • 2.5-gallon (10-liter) fresh water tank
  • 5-gallon (20-liter) holding tank
  • Standard toilet seat height of 17" for comfort
  • Tubular-design manual flush nozzle
  • Innovative T-flush nozzle directs water around entire bowl for thorough waste draining
  • High-end injection piston pump provides even greater flushing efficiency, plus can be replaced if needed
  • Waste holding tank includes exhaust valve and waste-level indicator
  • Swivel empty spout on waste tank allows for easier emptying and cleanup
  • 325-lb. weight capacity
  • Measures 16.5"l. x 16"w. x 17"h.

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