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With ReadyMove, a caregiver can give a user safe and secure transfer and mobility support using only minimal effort and without unnecessary lifting.

By placing ReadyMove behind the user's back or shoulders, the caregiver can support and help the user to rise or to lie down. With ReadyMove under the user's seat, the caregiver can help the user to turn or move higher up in bed or further back in a chair.

ReadyMove is also an ideal assistive device for transfers between, for example, bed and wheelchair. In these transfer situations, ReadyMove can, to advantage, be used in combination with a sliding board.

Two ergonomically designed handles, one short and one long, on each side, enable a sturdy grip and allow the caregiver to choose the grip that enables the best working stance.

The inside is made of a dirt-resistant, moisture-resistant nylon fabric that does not slide against the body and that is easy to clean.

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