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QuietOn Dental

QuietOn Dental

QuietOn earplugs are optimized for dental personnels to protect their hearing which is vulnerable in constantly noisy environments at clinics or laboratories. Studies have shown that dental laboratory equipment and devices such as dental hand pieces, ultrasonic scalers, almagamators, or high speed evacuation produce sounds ranging from different levels, which can cause damage to hearing over time. The earplugs are simple, independent of smartphone, and coupled with 50 hours of battery life, making it a perfect companion for dentists, hygienists and patients.

  •  Small, hygienic and easy to use

  •  Decrease the stress level brought by continuous noise

  •  Make it easier to focus during demanding work phases

  •  Allow dentists to work for the whole week on a single charge with 50-hour battery life

  •  Patients can wear the earplugs as well, for better treatment experience

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