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Quickie 2 Lite

Quickie 2 Lite

Everything people have loved about the Quickie 2 in a lighter, more streamlined model - that describes the new Quickie 2 Lite.  The new Quickie 2 Lite has all the options and choices necessary to help you build the right wheelchair for your needs along with some new features that makes this wheelchair a great new addition to the market.  Quickie's Q-Fit technology takes the rattle out of your wheelchair by making sure all the components fit snugly, both now and in the years to come.  The Quickie 2 Lite also has the benefit of modularity in the components, if your needs change only select components need to be switched out . This all but eliminates the need to buy a new wheelchair if your needs change.  And this newest model has had a little bit of a makeover and now has a rounded rear frame and reduced side profile giving the Q2 Lite a smooth and contoured look and feel.

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330 West Spring Street
Suite 303
Columbus, OH 43215

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