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Quick-Fix Keychain

Quick-Fix Keychain

The Quick-Fix Keychain allows diabetics to keep glucose tablets easily accessible in case of a hypoglycemic reaction.  I have had diabetes for over 51 years and developed the Quick-Fix Keychain in an effort to help myself and two of my four sons who also have type 1 diabetes.  Knowing first-hand the importance of having something handy in case of a low blood sugar, I begin to search for a convenient way to carry glucose tablets.  Not finding anything on the market, I developed and patented the Quick-Fix Keychain.  "If you have your keys, you have your glucose tablets.You can't leave home without them!"

Holds 4 glucose tablets. Made of durable plastic. Refillable. Great for gym bags, backpacks, and golf bags! 

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Quick-Fix Keychains

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