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Pro Telephone Voice Transformer Kit

Pro Telephone Voice Transformer Kit

The new professional voice transformer is the best voice changer for telephones on the market today.  This device can change a male to sound just like a female, and you don't even have to act the roll just talk normally and ladies, don't worry, it can change a females' voice to sound like a males' no problem, and no one will be the wiser.  This device also has the ability to change the pitch and tone of your natural speech pattern.  It comes with a few "named" presets to help get you started right away, you also have the ability to create up to 20 different voices and save them right to the on-board memory of the device.  You can set favorites so you can change how you sound with just the push of a single button.  This device works with iPhone and Androids,  it will also work with landline telephones and your computer. 

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