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PowerCap Active IP Respirator

PowerCap Active IP Respirator

The PowerCap Active IP is a low-profile positive pressure respirator with built-in head impact-resistance intended to provide respiratory protection from particulate contaminants while alleviating the discomfort caused by traditional half masks.

Uniquely designed to be as lightweight and compact as a baseball cap, the Powercap Active IP excels in tight spaces and other working environments where freedom of movement is critical and trailing tubes and cables can present a hazard. Positive pressure means that fit testing is not required and that full protection factors are afforded to those with beards and other facial hair. The respirator features an impact-resistant face shield making it ideal for tasks where flying debris is a concern.

Core Benefits:

  • P2 filter cartridges remove dust and other airborne contaminants with at least 94% efficiency down to .3 microns.
  • Filtered air is moved across at a rate of 160 liters per minute.
  • Exceeds the requirements of an N95 particulate face mask.
  • Modular construction allows for all components to be replaced as required.

More Information:

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