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Power Access, Door Mount Residential Automatic Door Opener

Power Access, Door Mount Residential Automatic Door Opener

It's easy to open a door with the touch of a button with a Power Access automatic door opener. Designed for operation with a remote control switch this sturdy U.S. made opener is built to perform trouble free for years to come. When you need a handicapped door opener that is activated primarily with a switch and not manually this 2300 model is the one for you.

The 2300 Jamb mount door opener is designed for light residential use and is intended for use where the door is opened primarily with this door opener. It is not intended for use when the door is open and closed manually on a regular basis. When opened manually with this device installed, a drag will be felt on the door and the arm may jump the fitting if the door is opened too quickly. It must be installed on interior only-exterior placement will void the warranty!

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