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Plantronics W440 Savi Wireless Computer Headset

Plantronics W440 Savi Wireless Computer Headset

With the advancement of VoIP communications, it’s becoming more common to travel with your laptop or work from home. This keeps you connected with your office to make and take calls anytime and from anywhere. The Plantronics Savi W440 wireless computer headset easily connects to any PC or MAC giving you instant connectivity with your VoIP softphone. A USB dongle comes with the Plantronics W440 computer headset allowing universal compatibility. When using the W440, you have the benefit of being hands free to write or type as you freely walk about your environment. If working from home, so you can multitask and grab files or other needed information while continuing your calls. The Plantronics Savi W440 wireless computer headset is also a great choice for office deployments when your deskphone is removed, allowing all communications through a softphone or application on your PC.

  • Complete all your conversations and multi- media from your computer
  • Lightweight wireless DECT™ headset (best on the market) with a USB adapter eliminate wireless interference
  • CAT-iq allows enhance wideband sound quality
  • Behind-the-head, over-the-ear/head wearing options
  • Easy to use one-touch volume control, answer/end calls, and flash
  • Allows hands-free calling with 300 feet/100 yards of free moving ability
  • With Noise-canceling and Enhanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) microphone, helps screens out background clatter while generating more natural sounds
  • SoundGuard™ improves sound quality by moderating audio levels
  • Able to have a conference call with a total of four headsets
  • Can talk for 7 hours on a single charge and are able to swap batteries (sold independently) for unlimited talk time
  • Stylish magnetic docking for your headset

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