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Picture Care Phone- 40dB Amplification with Parall

Picture Care Phone- 40dB Amplification with Parall

Put a photo of the 10 most frequently called people on the phone, program their numbers in, and next time you want to call them just push the photocall button and the picture. It's that easy to connect to those you love. At the flip of a switch you may also choose to have 10 one-touch keys for picture dialing ONLY. (This feature is great for those who aren't able to dial out telephone numbers.) The parallel model also gives you the option of connecting another phone for dialing by number (Note: 2nd phone not included.)

In addition this phone has a 911 button, last number redial, ringer off/low/hi and a flash button for call waiting. Plus, you don't need a battery to back-up all the information you've input into the phone, it keeps it stored for you, even after a power outage. (Please note that call waiting is a service provided by your local telephone company.)

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