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Piaf Tactile Embosser

Piaf Tactile Embosser

The Piaf Tactile Embosser produces high quality tactile graphics using heat sensitive capsule paper. It is ideal for people who are blind and vision impaired. Piaf's controlled heat source causes any black lines, letters or shapes that are drawn, printed or copied onto the capsule paper to swell. The result is an instant tactile graphic.

Piaf is an ideal embosser for the classroom. It can be used to introduce simple shapes and basic concepts. It is ideal for producing drawings and two-dimensional renderings of solid objects to encourage students in taking the first tentative steps to expressing themselves graphically. Piaf is also perfect for teaching the concepts of handwriting and signatures. Later, Piaf can be used to access graphical information in nearly all subject areas especially Mathematics and Sciences.

Piaf can also produce high-quality local area maps for orientation and mobility training, or make campus or building maps for students or employees.

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