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Phonic Ear Silhouette Dual BTE Inductor for Cellph

Phonic Ear Silhouette Dual BTE Inductor for Cellph

Silhouette is a discreet, behind-the-ear inductor that provides clear and distinct sound from your cellphone to your hearing aid. Switch the hearing aid to the T-position (t-coil), place the ear hook behind the ear next to the hearing aid, connect the Silhouette to your cellphone, and you are ready to have clear cellphone conversations.

Silhouette allows you to place your cellphone away from your hearing aid, eliminating the feedback (high pitched noise) commonly experienced by hearing aid wearers while using a cellphone. Put the cellphone in a pocket or cellphone carry case for hands-free use. Available for single or dual hearing aid wearers. 2.5mm jack (adapter needed for phones with 3.5mm jack).

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