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Loop Driver suitable for lecture halls, auditoriums, churches, gate areas and larger rooms

Univox PLS-X series is the most efficient professional loop drivers available. The units are only 1U high and ½ widths, making it possible to mount two drivers in one single 19″ rack mount. Univox PLS-X series uses a 90 % efficient electronic transformer. Energy waste in a conventional power supply is comparably 8-9 times higher. Weight is reduced by use of significantly less copper and other metals than conventional loop drivers, leaving a much smaller carbon footprint. PLS-X loop drivers produces an amazingly clear sound which is not possible using conventional toroid transformers as modulation distortion is unavoidable.

  • 5 year warranty
  • 1U high and ½ width (19″ rack) for side by side mounting to save rack space
  • Parametric Metal-Loss-Control for various types of metallic influences
  • Built-in System diagnostics, to isolate a system malfunction
  • Programmable XLR, RCA and screw terminal input connectors
  • Dual Action AGC for unsurpassed intelligibility
  • Low frequency masking filter for voice enhancement
  • 50-100 V input
  • Voice alarm system input that overrides all other input signals
  • No internal fans are needed as there is no power leakage. Cooling is due to efficient design
  • 10 W output for connecting a speaker to monitor/verify driver activity
  • Front panel placed controls for easy installer access
  • Recessed controls to prevent tampering
  • Rack mounting kit

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