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The PIPDriver is designed for individuals who have an amputation at the middle of distal phalanx. As an articulating, body-driven prosthesis, the PIPDriver restores length, provides dexterity, replaces a missing DIP joint, and protects sensitive residua. Each device is custom-designed and fabricated to within millimeters of a patient’s unique anatomy to successfully mimic the complex motion of a finger.

The PIPDriver gets its strength from a rigid linkage driven by the residuum and is self-suspended comfortably on the base of the finger. We accurately align the prosthetic joints with the patient’s anatomic ones to provide the most natural motion and form possible.

The PIPDriver is driven by an intact PIP joint with enough residuum distal to the joint to engage the ring. For an amputee who doesn’t meet these minimum requirements, it is still possible to obtain functional benefits from this device. However, special consideration will have to be made prior to ordering the prosthesis.


  • Custom-designed to fit comfortably and suit daily needs
  • Easy to don, doff, clean, and care for
  • Made from strong and durable medical-grade nylon 12
  • Cage-like structure protects residuum
  • Slender and sleek design allows for wearing of multiple devices
  • Conforming silicone rubber tip pads resemble the natural fingertip
  • Lightweight titanium fasteners
  • Ten different color coating styles
  • Two nail bed design options

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