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PIAF Picture in a Flash Tactile Graphic Maker

PIAF Picture in a Flash Tactile Graphic Maker

A simple and Fast way to prepare Tactile Graphics.

Piaf is a machine that makes raised line drawings on special paper, called capsule or swell paper. Users can draw, print or photocopy pictures onto the swell paper and pass it through the Piaf. The heat of the Piaf causes the lines to swell and then the drawing can be read with the fingers. It is ideal for people who are blind and vision impaired. Piaf is being used in a variety of educational, employment and personal settings.

  • Tactile graphics support learning math, science and mobility
  • Students can learn to draw or print and understand spatial concepts
  • Capsule paper can be run thru the PIAF multiple times without compromising quality
  • Embossed lines are more durable and not easily scrapped off with a finger

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