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PC-8500 Zero-Gravity Recliner

PC-8500 Zero-Gravity Recliner

Our first fully upholstered zero-gravity recliner in the Perfect Chair® collection, the PC-8500. With its unprecedented range of motion, it provides more recline positions than any other chair. Like all of our Perfect Chair recliners, the PC-8500 has a smooth power recline transcending you into the precise doctor-recommended neutral posture position we call ZeroG®. The breakthrough feature unique to the PC-8500 is the PROZero™ mode that reclines you into a deeper relaxation position beyond ZeroG, improving circulation and relieving muscle tension, soreness and fatigue. Only the precision-crafted PC-8500 takes wellness and comfort to the next degree to further ease pressure off the spine and elevate your legs to a higher level.

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