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Omnimed Power Lifter 741314 Irrigation Stand 67" - 108"H

Omnimed Power Lifter 741314 Irrigation Stand 67" - 108"H

The Power Lifter Irrigation Stand provide healthcare workers with hazard-free, ergonomic lifting solutions during surgical procedures. This irrigation stand neutralizes bag weight to ease raising and lowering and prevent workplace hazards. Great for Arthroscopic, Cystoscopic, Orthopedic, and TUR surgeries. This unit is simple to use and can be operated easily by one person. The safe, air operated (pneumatic) system featuring an internal, rechargeable, 12 v battery. Each hook holds 5,000 cc for a maximum capacity of 20,000 cc that effortlessly ascends and descends when you depress the foot pedals. Pole is made of anodized aluminum with a stainless steel hanger assembly. Heavy 48 lb base increases unit stability on 6 nonconductive casters. Will not work while unit is plugged in and charging for OR safety. 1 Year Limited Warranty.

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