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Office Specialty Laterals

Office Specialty Laterals

No matter what you store Office Specialty laterals will accommodate your stuff. With over 70 preconfigured laterals plus the ability to Build Up your own unique configurations.

Office Specialty laterals have 42 case heights, 10 drawer heights, 4 lift-up door heights plus a 1.5” reference shelf.

With virtually limitless filing and storage options for under the work surface, you can focus on each individual’s unique requirements, enhancing space utilization and productivity. Our 1.5” solution lets you personalize as required.

Office Specialty offers an extensive range of accessories to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of storage cabinets.

Designed to meet your filing needs today, tomorrow and years after that. The difference is in the details.

Office Specialty makes everything in 1.5” vertical increments. Choose drawer sizes to match your storage requirements and accurately match any manufacturer’s panel heights.

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