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Nodstop is a patented headband designed to be used by caregivers to provide safe, comfortable head support to those who require assistance in holding their head up while in a seated or semi-reclined position. It is made of an elastic band covered with soft fleece, and designed to fit around the back of the chair and is completely washable. It comes in a variety of lengths to accommodate various width chairs and is ideal for use with geri chairs and wheel chairs. The headband is firmly attached via hook-and-loop to a cap to prevent it from slipping down beyond the forehead and to provide a more secure, comfortable attachment to the wearer while allowing easy, quick removal when no longer required.

The wheelchair model is 38” long when fully open and laid out, and the extension for that is 15” long. It should fit any wheelchair that has a head rest. The one pictured is fairly standard and should not need an extension (one is not shown). The extension may be required however for custom headrests.

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