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Nintex Workflow Platform

Nintex Workflow Platform

Our workflow platform powers digital workflow automation. We turn time-consuming tasks into a few simple clicks and inefficient, company-wide processes into well-run engines. We give you the ability to do more.

With Nintex Workflow, you can tackle everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes with a few clicks – not code. Quickly turn time-consuming, unstructured processes into automated, efficient workflows. Make every part of your business work better, across all departments and functions.

Forms are a critical source of information for your company, and there’s a way for them to work harder within your workflow. Design forms using pre-defined layouts for any device, form factor or screen size. By eliminating steps from mundane processes, Nintex Forms makes it easier to route data to the correct locations, and keep teams working efficiently.

Nintex Mobile allows you to do your job wherever your work takes you. Capture data, submit requests, complete tasks, review and approve content - all from your mobile device. Keep work flowing securely while you’re on the move - both online and offline.

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