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Movo MC1000

Movo MC1000

Whether you want to record meetings, broadcast webinars, and video conference, then look no further. The MOVO MC1000 is a directional conference microphone that houses three audio capsules capable of capturing sound in a 20' ft radius, with 180° degree coverage. 

Some on-board computer microphones may produce unwanted, interrupted background noise. Not with the MC1000. Simply plug into the USB port on Mac or PC desktops and laptops. No battery limit. No software needed.

The MC1000 is the ideal choice for video conferencing because it can simultaneously pick up all voices within the effective range. The device output uses a USB interface that can be connected directly to a desktop or laptop computer for easy use in conference rooms, seminars, and other occasions.Includes a headphone/speaker monitoring jack for live audio monitoring. Instant plug-and-play functionality. No drivers needed. The MC1000 functions only as a microphone, not a speaker for your computer.

  • Desktop Computer Microphone for Conference Calls over VoIP, Skype, and More
  • Capable of capturing sound in a 20-foot radius, with 180° coverage
  • Headphone Monitoring Jack
  • USB Plug-&-Play Setup - PC & Mac Compatible
  • 1 Year Movo Warranty with U.S.A Based Support

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