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MonitEM Continuous EMF monitoring

MonitEM Continuous EMF monitoring

Wavecontrol's “Smart Energy” technology provides a combination of AC power with a battery and solar panel. Smart energy management allows uninterrupted, efficient and sustainable operation.

The built-in modem allows remote wireless communication with the Control Centre. 

Equipped with accessories to make installation easy almost anywhere.

The basic criteria for installation are:

  • Monitoring a specific transmitter: installation near the antenna within its maximum level radius according to its radiation pattern. Since the worst-case scenario is monitored, all other points are covered, since they will have the same or lower levels of exposure.
  • Monitoring a specific point: installation directly at that point; all radiation reaching that point from every direction is recorded. Examples of special interest points include day-care centres, schools, hospitals, public buildings or offices, industrial facilities, airports, military posts, etc.

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