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Mojo Magnifier

Mojo Magnifier

MoJo Electronic Low Vision MagnifierMoJo is a battery-operated, full-color portable electronic monocular that gives you the ability to view and magnify objects in the near distance as well as close up. With its large field of view, use it for reading price tags, menus, mail, newspapers, street signs and viewing the beauty of nature.

  • Lightweight 6 oz design with lanyard 
  • 13MP Sony® camera with auto focus 4” close-up reading to infinity 
  • 1x-16x digital zoom capability 
  • Tethered 1.4x telephoto lens for extra 40% optical zoom power 
  • Color Select & Find modes 
  • 30 degree field of view 3-level brightness control 
  • Stand-alone base charging station 

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