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Model A

Model A

WHILL brings connected mobility device features to life with solutions and platforms designed to deliver a better transportation experience for everyone. For example, Model A can be fitted with engineered software behaviors to deliver precise navigation using sensors for reliable and safe autonomous use. Model A can follow behind a person, animal or vehicle along a predefined path, a behavior referred to as Virtual Rail. In addition, by allowing Model A to communicate with other vehicles and the infrastructure, safety, reliability, and predictive mobility increases and data collection applications become possible.

Simply getting from point A to point B used to be enough. But today’s consumers also care about the quality of the trip. With a personalized experience for the driver, the latest in personal mobility technology is improving the ride for everyone. Model A is accompanied by an iPhone app which connects via bluetooth and allows for remote control of the device.

The app also allows you to adjust the seat, driving and control settings, and even includes a security locking mechanism to keep the device secure when you’re not using it.


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