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Mobis Seat

Mobis Seat

The newest dynamic seating option from Focal Upright Furniture is here, and it lives up to the high bar set by the Locus Seat and Desk. Mobis was designed with stand up and adjustable desks in mind, specifically accommodating an active perching seating position. If that sounds like a mouthful, trust us: your body will thank you.

Perching at taller seat heights allows the spine to support itself in a healthy neutral posture. By sitting up higher and opening up the hip angle, the pelvis is able to tilt forward and provide natural, healthy lumbar support. Mobis is smarter than your average chair, and facilitates this posture by positioning the seat at a slight forward tilt. Unlike traditional "knee tilt" task chairs, Mobis Stool engages your core to keep you active throughout the day. The contoured seat cushion is generously thick, allowing you to perch comfortably as long as the work keeps coming.

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