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MobiScribe: The E-ink Notepad

MobiScribe: The E-ink Notepad

The screen is a capacitive touch-control menu and a WACOM screen (with 4096 degrees of pressure sensitivity) which allows for precise stylus control. This technology combined can determine where you place your palm while you write to ensure no unintended marks during writing/drawing.

One full charge on this long-lasting battery runs the MobiScribe for a WHOLE WEEK.

Anti-glare screen is viewable from EVERY angle.

Adjustable front light with WARM and COOL settings.

Comes loaded with creative document templates (lined, music, graph, dot, and more!). Mobiscribe Box: Includes MobiScribe, Stylus, Cover, 3x Stylus Tips and Tweezer, USB cable. Quick Start Guide with Warranty

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San Jose, CA 95131

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