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Mercury 12 Magnifier with Speech

Mercury 12 Magnifier with Speech

Mercury 12 is the first Windows based tablet CCTV and a result of years of R&D. It’s ideal for those who want one device that functions as a laptop as well as a CCTV. Mercury 12 is compatible with all your existing Windows software including any Windows based access technology you may already have. A large 12 inch screen provides plenty of viewing area in a compact package.

We designed the stand to be sturdy and to hold the tablet without any risk of it falling. High performance metal hinges prevent the stand from rocking back and forth. Once you set the angle of the tablet, it stays in that position! The legs of the tablet are far apart so that you can move an entire A4 document on the base with ease. The stand can fold up easily into a bag with the tablet. This means the tablet doesn’t have to be removed or inserted into the stand repeatedly.

Mercury 12 can read a full page as the legs on the stand are high enough to move the tablet into optimal position to see the entire page. Accurate OCR and Natural sounding voices allow you to read with ease. An integrated LED light ensures consistent lighting to provide a good image regardless of external lighting conditions.

For those who wish to use this in a classroom, Mercury 12 is available with our Orion Wireless Distance camera allowing up to 21X zoom.

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