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MegaVox 2 Public Address System

MegaVox 2 Public Address System

Now with increased wireless and battery performance, the MegaVox 2 is an ideal portable PA system for all of your outdoor voice amplification needs. It is most popular with marching bands, track and field, firing ranges, emergency preparedness, and more.

The Anchor Audio Megavox 2 sound system packs an amazing amount of useful features into a compact, durable, and easy-to-use package and puts out an impressive 119dB of clear sound. With inputs for microphones, Bluetooth, wireless systems, and other line-level signals, you can use the Megavox 2 for just about any sound source. Many of us at Sweetwater have had to use PAs outdoors and far from power. No problem! The tough case of the Megavox 2 makes it weather-resistant. And with the rechargeable battery, it'll run for up to eight hours! Get all these features and more with the Anchor Audio Megavox 2.

  • An all-in-one sound system designed for whatever your PA needs
  • Many different inputs to accommodate your sound sources
  • Rechargeable battery gives you 8 hours of performance
  • Rugged, weather resistant case for reliable use
  • Speaker output to power additional companion speaker
  • Clear sound via a high efficiency re-entrant horn driver
  • 119dB of clear sound
  • Rated for groups up to 1,500

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