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Magnetic Manhole Cover Lift Dolly Systems

Magnetic Manhole Cover Lift Dolly Systems

Quickly, safely and magnetically remove and replace manhole covers that weigh up to 400 lbs. with IMI's magnetic Manhole Cover Lift Systems.

Our Manhole Cover Lift Dolly & Magnet combos do the heavy lifting work for you, minimizing stress & strain on the back and body, and providing excellent protection against slipping and falling - especially in rainy, snowy or icy conditions. The ergonomic design of our system allows even a single person to lift and move a heavy, cumbersome manhole cover with ease. Especially ideal where weight limit restrictions are part of company policy, or aging or gender diverse workforces are a consideration.

The deep reaching strength of our powerful, Rare Earth lift magnets can penetrate uneven, textured surfaces often found on manhole covers. And because it's a permanent magnet, there's no need for electricity or concern about power failures.

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