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Magic Touch Add-On Touch Screens for Windows

Magic Touch Add-On Touch Screens for Windows

Turn a regular computer monitor or laptop into a touch screen. Touch input simplifies computer access. People naturally point to and touch computer monitors while using software. Take advantage of this natural interaction by allowing users to select and move objects, operate pull-down menus, and draw graphics all with the touch of a finger, fingernail, or stylus. Make selections directly on the screen with no intermediate steps or devices to interfere with the user's attention.

Magic Touch is a glass touch screen. It easily attaches to your monitor, and transforms it into a touch interactive device. Magic Touch emulates a mouse, so you can control all mouse driven software with the touch of a finger or stylus. To move the cursor, simply touch the desired position on the Magic Touch. If you want to double click, touch twice at the same point. To select an icon, touch and release. To pull down a menu, touch, drag and release. Magic Touch and a pointing device can be used simultaneously.

The Magic Touch Add-On Kit can be easily mounted on ANY monitor and used for ANY mouse driven application. Magic Touch can help anyone start learning how to use a computer without the difficulty of using a mouse. Magic Touch is used by everyone from children who have trouble controlling the mouse to NASA personnel working on classified military applications.

The Add-On Touchscreen is a transparent touch sensor overlay made of ITO film and glass that is easily activated by finger, fingernail, gloved hand or stylus.

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