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MOBI DualScan Prime Ear and Forehead Thermometer

MOBI DualScan Prime Ear and Forehead Thermometer

The Mobi Dual Scan Prime Ear & Forehead Digital Thermometer provides great ease in getting accurate temperature measurements. It allows you to easily measure body temperature in two ways-using the ears or the forehead-and enables accurate temperature readings of rooms, water, and food. Get precise temperature measurements in just seconds with a press of the Scan button. It’s perfect for both children and adults, so you won’t need separate thermometers ever again!

Key Features:


  • Ear and Forehead Scanning Methods
  • Food, Water, and Room Temperature Readings
  • Easy Operation and Quick Results
  • Temperature Memory Recall
  • Large Digital LED Display
  • Battery-Saving Auto Shutdown Feature

More Information:

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