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M300 Smart Glasses

M300 Smart Glasses

Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses delivers a "hands free" digital world, providing unprecedented access to information, data collection and more. Improve existing workflows and open new opportunities in industrial, medical, retail, supply chain, remote help desk, and other aspects of your business.

The Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses is an ergonomically designed and rugged Android-based wearable computer. It's enhanced with a monocular display and onboard processor, expandable memory, recording features and wireless connectivity capabilities. And it's been purpose-designed for enterprise, professional, and prosumer users. Pre-installed apps can be used to track timed events, manage your calendar, and link to your phone and more. The HD camera records, stores, plays back still picture and video, and can be used as a barcode scanner. The M300 is compatible with thousands of existing Android apps and Vuzix' easy access to developer resources enables the creation of custom apps to suit virtually any need.

  • Display resolution: WQVGA Color display
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Field of view (Diagonal): 15 degrees, equivalent to 4 in. mobile device screen seen at 14 in
  • Brightness: >2000 nits
  • 24 bit color
  • Left or right eye usable
  • OMAP4460 at 1.2GHz
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Android ICS 4.04, API 15
  • 4GB flash

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