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Linen Cart Pusher

Linen Cart Pusher

You can help prevent your employees from experiencing strain and pain as they transport carts through a hospital using an electric linen cart pusher. You can keep productivity up and avoid having workers on medical leave with the right cart pusher.

The CartCaddyShorty Electric Food Cart Pusher is a battery powered food cart puller designed to have enough power to maneuver a heavy linen or hospital cart through a hospital. It is designed for easy maneuvering and pivoting of your loads. While the CartCaddyShorty linen cart pusher is small, it still has plenty of power to handle most cart or wheeled equipment within a hospital. The linen cart pusher can usually last for 16 hours or two shifts.

Hospitals are busy environments where efficiency is key. If you work in a hospital, you don't want to spend time having to make a lot of adjustments to the equipment that has been purchased to make your job easier. The CartCaddyShorty Cart Pusher has a spring hitch option and customized attachment—this means that workers will not need to fabricate multiple attachments for the cart or your equipment. Since the CartCaddyShorty's attachment springs down and upward and attaches firmly to the bottom of the cart, an operator can easily get to work pushing, pulling or maneuvering the cart.

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