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LiftonTRIO Home Elevator

LiftonTRIO Home Elevator

Do not compromise on style. The LiftonTRIO Home Elevator has an elegant curved profile, with a grey finish and soft white LED downlights, making it the ultimate travel experience.

Spacious enough for a standard sized wheelchair, yet surprisingly compact with a footprint of just 41” x 54”, the LiftonTRIO residential elevator reinvents the rule book, protecting your precious floorspace, while giving you access to all areas, at all times.

With no detail overlooked, the LiftonTRIO Home Elevator includes a gently angled ramp, hold-to-run controls and the option of a through-car design allowing entry and exit from both sides – avoiding any tricky manoeuvres. This home elevator is fully self-supporting running along its unique patented dual rail system, so no major building work is needed. Once fitted into a location of your choice, it simply plugs into a standard domestic wall socket and it is ready to go.

The LiftonTRIO Home Elevator, at just 4015/16″ x 541/4″, will accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair despite its compact dimensions

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