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Lickety Split Light Bulb Changer

Lickety Split Light Bulb Changer

The Lickety Split Light Bulb Changer is a lightweight, easy-to-use system for safely and efficiently changing those hard-to-reach light bulbs in your house, office, or industrial locations. The innovative design eliminates the need for step ladders and other unsafe devices when changing your light bulbs. The patented adhesive pad sticks firmly to almost all light bulbs, making replacing the burned-out bulbs quick and easy, so you will never stress or worry about broken bulbs during the removal and installation process.

  • Universal thread pattern allows the topper to screw onto most brooms, mops, and/or extension poles
  • Patented adhesive pad quickly and easily changes the most recessed bulbs, indoor or outdoor
  • To remove old bulb: peel yellow backing from adhesive pad, press pad to old bulb, and turn counter-clockwise to remove (twist the old bulb to remove from pad)
  • To install new bulb: stick bulb to pad and turn clockwise, continuing turning clockwise after bulb has seated to release it from pad
  • For optimal use, replace pad after adhesive wears off (approximately 25 bulb changes)
  • Dimensions - Lickety Split topper and adhesive pad: 3.25 in.
  • Kit includes: (1) Lickety Split light bulb changer topper with adhesive pad (already on topper)

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