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Latex Free Non-Allergenic Balloons

Latex Free Non-Allergenic Balloons

Allergies are caused by the powder in and outside of latex balloons. This powder picks up the latex molecules and then spreads them around a room where it may be inhaled and possibly cause an individual who has a latex allergy to have a severe reaction.

More and more hospitals, nursing homes, pediatric units, doctors offices and other healthcare facilities have or will be banning natural rubber latex balloons. Many schools and day care centers have also been banning the use of latex balloons and to limit their liability, many restaurants and public places are also banning natural latex balloons.

Instead of using the plain rubber balloons for decorations, use these mylar (foiltype) "Perfect Balloons" or even plastic balloons or "tabletop centerpieces"as decorations.

Mylar and plastic balloons are made without latex, they last weeks longer than regular rubber balloons

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