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Large Wired Keyboard

Large Wired Keyboard

Unlock a new era of communication with The Wired Large Keyboard – a robust solution crafted for individuals facing limited typing skills or mobility issues. Featuring an expansive 20" wide keyboard with 1" keys, this is the ultimate keyboard designed to empower patients dealing with typing challenges due to mobility issues or impaired vision.

Key Features:

  • Strategic Design for Mobility: Specifically engineered for users dealing with mobility challenges, offering an expansive keyboard for improved typing experiences.
  • Wired Connectivity: Seamlessly connects to the speaker with a 3-foot wired cable, ensuring stability and reliability in communication.
  • Optimal Size for Tactile Typing: A 20" wide design with large 1" square keys, providing an ergonomic and tactile typing experience.
  • PC-Free Operation: Works without a PC, offering simplicity and user-friendliness for seamless communication.
  • Effortless Speech Generation: Simply type, and speech is generated, making communication straightforward.
  • Quick Access Phrases: Speaks 30 user-defined phrases with single key presses, streamlining communication for commonly used expressions.
  • Voice Customization: Selectable Male/Female voices in both English or Spanish, allowing users to personalize their communication experience.
  • Direct Shipment and Returns: Shipped directly to you, and you can confidently try it with our simple 30-day return policy.

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