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Large Trackball Mechanical Backlit Keyboard

Large Trackball Mechanical Backlit Keyboard

  • Mechanical keyboard with built-in 55 mm large trackball and tilting scroll wheel; Easily adjust the sensitivity of the trackball movement by FN+F9
  • Dynamic backlit feature offers 6 different lightning effect; 2 x USB 2.0 hubs are built in the keyboard
  • The glossy trackball surface offers smooth movements, perfect for fast moving and multiple screens control work
  • Easy to removed and clean the trackball by taping it from the bottom hole, using the blunt side of a pencil or a pen

    All-In-One 2.0 for Productivity:
    Sturdy and balanced quality make PERIBOARD-322 a great keyboard. But what really upgrades it to an “All-in-one 2.0” solution is the large 55mm built-in trackball.

    Perixx is the first pioneer introducing this trackball built-in mechanical heavy-duty keyboard to the industry. The structure and layout are sophisticatedly designed to properly accommodate the 55m trackball and tilting scroll wheel (horizontal scrolling function), keeping the quality stable and reliable.

    Customers with long-term wrist and shoulder pains due to repetitive movements, PERIBOARD-322 is your go-to solution for pain-relieving and productivity-enhancing!

    55 mm Large Trackball:
    Jumbo size 55mm (2.17 inches) optical trackball with scratch and wear resistant features. With the maximum size for ideal multi-finger control, the smallest details can be precisely addressed.

    All Perixx trackballs are produced in Europe with top quality, ensuring a perfect balanced sphere for effortless and precise movements.

    Mechanical Switch & Dynamic Backlit:
    Mechanical keyboard fans will be greatly pleased by the Kailh Brown switch with its solid 50g operating force and gentle tactile. Perfect balance between Blue switch and Black switch to keep the springy rebound without over-exhausting the fingers. No wonder the Brown switch has been the No.1 choice when it comes to the universal usage of typing and gaming.

    7 backlit colors, 6 dynamic backlit modes and 20 movement patterns. From a professional application to the edgiest battle, PERIBOARD-322’s rich backlit feature covers your need in every aspect.

    Taking up no extra workstation space by having a built-in trackball, tilting scroll wheel, numeric 10 keys, extra 2 USB hubs all in one keyboard. Flexible support to external devices and low visibility use (dark control room, TV room or virtual reality play station). Easy to clean by removing the trackball from the buttonhole simply by a thumb or blunt side of a pen. Use a soft brush or lint-free cloth to gently wipe down dust on the surface.

    Part # PERIBOARD-322

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