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Large Print Keyboard with built-in Jumbo Trackball

Large Print Keyboard with built-in Jumbo Trackball

Our Large Print keyboard with a built in Jumbo Trackball is perfect for those who are visually impaired and is ideal for industrial usage applications such as controlling machinery or multi-user work environments.

This Trackball Keyboard is built with rugged, tactile, mechanical key switches - you press the key, you feel the spring, you hear the click - this creates a very efficient and pleasant typing experience. Add to that a Large diameter Trackball, now you have the best of both worlds - right at your fingertips!

These user-friendly Large Print keyboards are also perfect for those who simply have a hard time seeing the existing commands on their keyboards. With this Larger and Bolder typeface, the keys are easier to see, creating an environment where mistakes are less likely.

These Large Print Trackball Keyboards are popular in Schools, special needs departments, Libraries, and are also popular in companies, organizations, Government and State Departments that need to make Assistive Technology adaptations in the workplace.

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