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LH275 Dual-Ear Wireless Headset

LH275 Dual-Ear Wireless Headset

If you're looking to go wireless and you want something that's comfy and durable, the LH275 is an excellent choice!
UniBase® technology makes for easy conferencing, whether you're on your office phone or computer. You can conference landline calls with Skype calls (or any other softphone) together without hassle. Save money on international calls, and use your preferred means of communication wherever you are.

  • With an incredibly comfy dual-ear wearing style, you'll forget you're wearing a headset at all!
  • Conference Skype and landline calls together with UniBase® technology.
  • 5-year full-replacement warranty - 5 times as long as a standard wireless headset.
  • Enhanced DECT Security level A keeps your calls confidential.
  • Pair an extra headset to your base for easy conference calls or training.
  • Up to 350 feet of wireless range.

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