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LH270 Wireless Over-the-Head Headset

LH270 Wireless Over-the-Head Headset

Thinking about going wireless? The LH270 is an exceptional choice. On top of everything you'd expect from a wireless headset (350-foot range and 8-hour talk time), it's designed for all-day wearing. With a leatherette ear cushion and a light adjustable headband, you can customize your own wearing style for maximum comfort. 

UniBase™ technology lets you conference landline calls with softphones (think Skype). So you can chat to your old-fashioned and tech-savvy colleagues on the same line.

  • Light, comfortable, and adjustable headband lets you customize your perfect fit
  • Unibase® technology allows you to conference your landline and VoIP calls together
  • Enhanced DECT Level A Security keeps your call private. Feel comfortable knowing that
    your voice will only be heard by your caller
  • Wander up to 350 feet from your desk, (the length of a football field) and stay connected to your call
  • 5 year full-replacement warranty - five times the length of a standard wireless headset.

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