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Krown Memory Printer MP2000D TTY

Krown Memory Printer MP2000D TTY

The Krown Memory Printer MP2000D is a top of the line, sophisticated TTY featuring: 

Features include:

  • 20-character display
  • 20-column printer with three print sizes
  • 32K memory
  • TTY call alert
  • Separate on-/off printer switch
  • Built-in help menu
  • Four message buffers
  • Upper and lower case printing
  • Replaceable heavy-duty rechargeable battery
  • Acoustic cups to fit round and square handsets
  • Electronic voice
  • Keyboard dialing
  • Memory dialing
  • Tone and pulse dialing
  • Built-in directory
  • Dual modular jacks
  • Auto answer
  • Remote message retrieval
  • Visual display of dial tone, busy and ring
  • Built-in clock and calendar
  • Fast typing
  • Interrupt
  • Programmable relay number

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