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Kangaroo Pro Junior Sit-Stand

Kangaroo Pro Junior Sit-Stand

The Kangaroo is the only Sit-Stand that features a well balanced yet compact footprint, so that you can easily use your desk work space whenever needed! Simply glide your Kangaroo to the side (no overwhelming monstrosity hogging your desktop)!

With all our Kangaroo Desks, you get Dual Ergonomics (except the Wallaby), meaning you have the ability to adjust your keyboard and your monitor separately, allowing you have the correct keyboarding height and be able to look straight into your monitor for the best ergonomic positioning. Most full sized electric desk only give you Single Ergonomics, giving you the ability to adjust your keyboard to the right height but unless you purchase a secondary adjustable mount, you will be looking down at your monitor.

  • Work surface and monitor adjust separately giving you Dual Ergonomics
  • The Kangaroo Pro JR is smaller than The Kangaroo Pro
  • Measures 24" wide by 18" deep 
  • Adjustable 15" above your desk
  • VESA mount has 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 hole pattern
  • VESA mount has "Tilt" and a separate adjustment of 6.5"
  • Recommended for Monitors up to 12 lbs

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