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Juliet 120 braille embosser

Juliet 120 braille embosser

Featuring a new platform that improves embossing quality, Juliet 120 can produce double-sided documents and emboss up to 155 characters per second, for an actual output of more than 400 pages per hour, hour after hour, day after day.

With the built-in UEB contracted braille translator and Firebird tactile graphics software, Juliet 120 is an easy-to-use double-sided braille embosser that meets all of your braille needs in one device.

You can adjust the height of the braille dots to your preference and quickly generate sideways braille documents to maintain newspaper and magazine formatting. In addition to its seamless operation with your BrailleNote Touch Plus, files can be sent via Bluetooth or wirelessly from a computer or mobile device. Its control panel is designed to make it usable by both visually impaired and sighted users. Juliet 120 simply offers superior braille dot quality for easy and reliable reading every time.

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